Nissan To Equip LEAF With Upgraded Onboard Charger in 2012


Nissan is currently working on offering a higher-rate on-board charger for the LEAF sometime in 2012.  This new on-board charger will drastically shorten the vehicle’s current re-charging time of 8 hours.

During the Electrical Vehicle Market panel at the IEEE-USA 2011 Annual Meeting, Mark Perry, Nissan America’s director of product planning, subtly mentioned that the LEAF electric car now allows Level II 240-Volt charging at 3.3 kilowatts–”and we’ll raise that in a year or so.”

This information has not been officially announced by Nissan as of yet.

Perry didn’t give a specific model year for the change, but  he did say the upgraded on-board charger could possibly be offered as optional equipment, instead of  standard equipment. This is due to the higher cost of the more robust power electronics components.

Owners of  the 2011 LEAF models, that want a Level II charge, will not be left out.  Perry also said that any new charger offer would be designed so it could be retrofitted into existing vehicles: “We don’t want to orphan our first-year buyers.”


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  1. BLIND GUY says:

    Faster charging is better, right? This feature could be helpful under certain circumstances, however I have a concern about charging to 100% too often and therebye voiding the battery warranty. I would like the cjharging system to automatically monitor charging to not abuse the battery. I don’t want to have to worry about my charging amounts; 80%-100%.


  2. Van says:

    Perhaps what it will do is charge at its rated rate (i.e. 6 KW) up to 80% of charge and then either stop, if the 80% charge has been selected, or slow down if the 100% charge has been selected. We should know in about 18 months :)


  3. vanuck says:

    Finally a good piece of information…
    I’m sure that the higher capacity will be used up to 80% full then the current rate will drop down to 3.3 kWh or stop depending of the selected charging profile.


  4. rvd says:

    so, early adopters, prepare big buck. Never mind you just paid ~50k, within a year Nissan will double charger power capability. You will have the option to upgrade too… for a nice chunk of money i am afraid. How much? If they currently charge 2k for a mere extension cord, I would not be surprised 5 times more (10k) for power charger electronics upgrade.


  5. shaun says:

    so, early adopters, prepare big buck. Never mind you just paid ~50k, ……, I would not be surprised 5 times more (10k) for power charger electronics upgrade.  

    ~50k ?? are you talking Yen?

    So far Nissan has been extremely fair with early adopters, even to the point of enabling us to be in driving seat on pricing with our local dealers. Compare this to Chevy Volt where the dealers have been able to add on ~US$5000.
    I am confident that Nissan will continue to look after early adopters, for it is us who will determine their reputation in this mushrooming market of EV’s.


  6. rvd says:

    my bad, I meant 50k for Volt of course. Still upgrade price will not be cheap on Nissan charger.
    So I’ll wait more. I do not want to have half-cooked car. I would like to see how Leaves survive next winter.


  7. zap says:

    Early adopters where able to buy a leaf in the low 20′s, where did you get your information. Your are as misinformed about the price of the car as you are about connecting to the car. Learn a little about the dock and how safe it is before you spout.


  8. Jerry says:

    My SL Leaf cost 38k (tax+license, etc) and floor mats, oh my!

    After California’s 5k subtraction and the fed’s 7500 (12.5k total subtract) that leaves: 25.5k so I could get 2 for 50k!

    An amazing deal if you live in a nice climate, and have another car for when you need it
    and have a place to put in an charger (or one at work you can use regularly).

    If any of those isn’t true waiting to get an electric car is the right idea.


  9. Varun says:

    what you fail to realize jerry the car isnt as cheap as it seems with the discounts you speak. you are paying tax on the full amount and interest. so even if you think you got it for 25.5 add another $4,000 for tax on the loan amount of say 36,000 with $2,000 downpayment at the rate of 4% instead of say $2,611 on the 23.5 loan with at the same down and interest rate. also you are taxed on the orginal ammount so u are essentially paying almost double tax as well. so over all depending on how much tax you pay the car costs more about a realist number of 4,000 – 2611 = 1389 plus the additional tax on the extra 11,500 dollars. bottom line you are paying 26,889 plus tax and thats if you get the entire rebate. It is a non refundable tax deduction. meaning you dont get a refund you get a deduction on tax you actually owe. so you have to owe the gov that much tax in order to not have to pay it in the year you purchased the car. add the $1200 dollars for the aerovienmental quick charger and now you are paying over 30 for the car even with the california state discount. i myself dont get any state discount cause NY sucks. in the end i am paying about $38,000 for my car after the 7500 tax rebate which i made sure i qualify for. i think this car is worth the extra money because i want an electric that bad. but dont make this car seem like a bargain. you are paying more then you realize.


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