The Nissan LEAF Debuts In Rutherford County


The Nissan LEAF made its debut in the county where the vehicle will be built.  A dealership in Murfreesboro sold the first Nissan LEAF in Rutherford County Friday afternoon.

“It’s creating a lot of jobs in Rutherford County,” said Pam Humphrey of Nissan of Murfreesboro.

A plant that will  is currently under construction at Nissan’s Smyrna assembly plant is currently under construction. The plant will be responsible for producing batteries for the Nissan LEAF  and will employ 1,300 people when it is at full capacity. The same facility will produce the LEAF beginning in 2012.

Great things are on the horizon for Nissan in Rutherford County.

“We’re just ten 10 miles from the Nissan plant and they really kind of put us on the map back in the 1980′s,” Humphrey’s explained.

The Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation purchased the first Nissan LEAF in Rutherford County.

“We want to be in a better position to be better equipped to help our members who are interested in purchasing an electric car,” according to Chris Jones from Middle Tennessee Electric.

Nissan LEAF owners must make upgrades to their home electrical system.  Nissan recommends that owners install a charging station for maximum charging speed.

“Now is the time to do it because incentives are out there, tax credits are out there. So this is a great time if you’re interested to really look seriously at it,” Jones said.

Middle Tennessee Electric’s LEAF vehicle will be on display at Nissan of Murfreesboro through this weekend.

During the last weekend of March, Tenn. residents can test drive the Nissan LEAF when the  Drive Electric Tour is ends its cross-country journey at Nissan’s North American headquarters in Franklin.


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  1. Jimza Sketptic says:

    Sorry, but proof read much.  

    Sharon, the third “paragraph” has an opening sentence that is a little “choppy”. You might want to edit it. The grammar used in one of the quotes is bad. However, if it directly quoted from Chris Jones, it is correct. He is using poor grammar or not good at public speaking.


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