EV Charging Stations Added to Walgreens in Florida


Walgreens continues to do its part in making the environment a little more green.

Walgreens in conjunction with Car Charging Group Inc. has decided to expand electric vehicle charging services to 13 Walgreens locations in Florida. These locations include Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando.

There are only three charging stations in Jacksonville, but none are located at a Walgreens. This proves to me a lucrative move for both parties, as Walgreens receives a high-volume of customers on a daily basis. customers will be bale to kill two birds with one stone, by charging their vehicle and doing some shopping while they wait.

According to Andy Kinard, president of the Car Charging group, Walgreen Co. has signed an agreement with Car Charging Group to invest in charging stations at some of its stores nationwide, with a few locations in Jacksonville Beach.

Those charging stations are scheduled to be installed by mid-2012.


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